Administration and Financial Management Rules



The Gazette of Pakistan


Extraordinary published by authority

Islamabad, Thursday, October 30, 2008

Part II

Statutory Notification (S.R.O)

Government of Pakistan




Islamabad the 14th October, 2008

S R O 1124(1)/2008:-                         In exercise of the powers conferred by sub section (1) of section 46 of the Unani,Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic Practitioners Act,1965 (II of 1965) the Federal Government, in consultation, with the national Council for Tibb, is pleased to make the following rules, namely:-


  1. Short title and commencement.- (1) these rules may be called the National Council for Tibb (Administration and Financial Management) Rules, 2008


(2)        They shall come in to force at once.


  1. Definitions. - (1) in these rules unless there is any thing repugnant in the subject of context:


(a)        Act means the Unani Ayurvedeic and Homoeopathic Practitioners Act, 1965, (II of 1965)


(b)        Chairman means the Chairman of the committee constituted by council


(c)        Council means the National Council for Tibb


(d)       Employee means the employee of the council


(e)        Official of business purpose; means the business or purpose connected with the functions of the council;


(g)        President; means the president of council;


(h)       Station; means the station specified by the Federal Government for the purposes of      admissibility of daily allowance; and                                                                                           (i)     : Vice President; means the vice president of the council


(2)        The expression used but not defined in these rules shall have the same meanings as are assigned to them under the Act.


  1. Pay and allowances of employees. (1) The employees in each post shall be entitled to such pay and allowances and other fringe benefits as the Federal Government may sanction for its employees from time to time.


(2)        While traveling in connection with official business an employee shall be entitled to such traveling allowances facilities and charges as are admissible to the employees of equivalent status in the Federal Government.


  1. Traveling Facilities for President Chairman and members. (1) The president Chairman and member shall be entitled to such privileges and traveling allowances as are admissible to the officers of the equal status of the Federal Government


(2).       The council may provide air ticket to the president, chairman or Member intending to travel for official purpose provided that while settling his traveling and daily allowances the amount of such air ticket shall be adjusted.


(3).       Where the facility of air travel is not available the president, chairman and members shall be entitled to travel by rail in the 1st class air conditioned compartment


(4).       Where the facility of journey either by air or by railways is not available the president, chairman or the members shall be entitled to the cost of public transport or mileage charges as the case may be as admissible to the employees of Federal Government of equal status.


(5).       Notwithstanding any thing contained in sub rules (1) to (4) if the president, chairman or the members opts to travel by own car he shall obtain prior approval of the council and the mileage allowance shall be paid in accordance with the rules of the Federal Government on the subject.


  1. Daily Allowance and Hotel Charges;-1. While performing a journey with in Pakistan in connection with the official business every member including the President, and Chairman shall be entitled to daily allowance and hotel charged for every night stay as admissible to an employee of the Federal Government or equal status.


(2).       The President, Chairman or the Members on a journey for official purpose shall be paid the following namely:


(a)        Daily Allowance: as admissible to the employee of the Federal Government of equal status; and


(b)       Hotel Charges; while staying in a hotel, motel guest or rest house in connection with the official business actual hotel charges not exceeding three, daily allowance at the rate fixed for the relevant station per night shall be admissible on the production of original receipt.


(3)        Where on night stay in involved but the duration of official business exceeds four hours, daily allowance at the half of the admissible rate may be allowed by the chairman finance committee. For any duration less than four hours on daily allowance shall be admissible.


(4)        While proceeding on a foreign tour in connection with official business, the president chairman or member shall be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to the employee of the Federal Government of equal status.


  1. Expenditure on Entertainment. The council may incur expenditure on entertainment of participants of an official meeting, conference, seminar, symposium or work shop subject to observance of the procedure under the

System of financial control and budgeting-September, 2006 as amended from time to time at the following rates, namely;


(a)        for light refreshment;                          Rs.30/- per head ,and

(b)        for working lunch(lunch box)            Not exceeding Rs.200/- per head


  1. Consultation with Finance Committee. - The finance committee shall be consulted with the following matters, namely;-


(a) Preparation of annual budget statement.


(b) adoption of measures necessary for maintenance of appropriate financial discipline with a view of avoiding wastage of resources and keeping the expenditure within the approve budgetary limits;


(c) Re-appropriation of funds from one object head to the other


(d) Pre-audit scrutiny of expenditure proposals


(e) Scrutiny of contracts of agreements with firms of contractors etc.


(f) delegation of financial powers within the council.


(g) Matter concerning management or disposal of council’s assets or acquisition of new assets of including moveable property and investment of surplus funds;


(h) Complaints of mismanagements or misappropriation of resources of the council and of corruption or corrupt practices etc; and

(i) Approval of half daily allowance in terms of clause (3) of rule 5.


  1. Logistical Support. (1) mean of communication such as fax, telephone, computer and internet may be used in the office of council for efficient disposal of official business


(2) Residential telephone at the residence of the president may be provided at the expense of the council provided that any bill exceeding the prescribed ceiling of officer of equal status in the Federal Government shall be paid by the user by him self.


  1. Preparation of annual budget. - Object head wise budget estimates of receipts and expenditure duly prepared for the next financial year shall be placed for approval in a meeting of the council to be held any time before the close of current financial year.


  1. Procurement of stores and stock entries etc.- (1) All procurements shall be made strictly in accordance with the precisions of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Ordenace,2002(XXII of 2002).


(2)        An inventory of durable goods shall be drwn, kept up to date and verified once in financial year by the council.


(3)        Immediately after procurement, every item of stores shall be taken on stock and entries to that effect shall be made in the stock register. Such entries shall be regularly checked and verified by the Registrar.


(4)        The Stock register shall contain up to date record of receipt and issue of items from stores under each category.


  1. Delegation of Financial powers.- (1) Where sufficient budget provision exists and necessary codal formalities stand completed, expenditure may be authorized by the following sanctioned authorities namely:-

Authority                               Extent of Powers delegated

(a)                    Registrar:                               Petty expenditures up to Rs 1000/=in each

case subject to subsequent approval of the

Finance committee

(b)                    President                                upto Rs.100000/=in each case after

Consulting the chairman, Finance committee: and

(c )                   Council:                                  beyond Rs.100000/=in each case, subject to

prior clearance by the Finance Committee


  • In the absence of President due to leave or official tour etc. the Vice president may, if authorized by the Presiden, exercise his powers.


  1. Internal Financial management and controls. (1)The President being head of the Council, shall be responsible for proper and efficient use of Council resources in accordance with the relevant rules, regulations and prescribed standards. He shall be answerable before the audit of Public Accounts Committee or any other accountability forum for any laxity or violation in this regard.


(2)  The meeting of various committees shall be so fixed and organized that the traveling and daily allowance payable to a member does not become a source of profit for him.


(3)              The council’s bank accounts shall be operated through two signatories duly authorized by the Federal Government.


(4)              The council’s accounts shall be reconciled with bank’s accounts and a reconciled statement shall be furnished to the Federal Government on monthly basis.

  1. Cheque books, cash and other accountable documents shall be kept in safe custody.


  1. The president or chairman Finance Committee may conduct surprise checks to ensure safety to cheque books, cash and other accountable documents.


  1. Annual internal check or internal audit shall be carried out by the office of the controller General of Accounts.


  1. Declaration of Assets.- 1) As soon as a member of the council has been elected or nominated and notified as such by the Federal Government he shall make a declaration of assets held by him on the date of said notification and submit a copy thereof to the Federal Government:


Provided that where such notification has been issued prior to coming tin to force of these rules the declaration shall be made with reference to the date notification of rules.

  • An annual declaration of assets held during the year ending on 31st December shall be made by every member with in period of 30 days.


(14)            Annual report. -        A report showing performance of achievements of the Council in key areas shall be prepared annually and presented to the Federal Government.


  1. Maintenance of accounts. - (1)        Up to date accounts relating to every transaction shall be maintained an accordance with the instructions or guideline of Controller General of Accounts and Auditor General of Pakistan issued from time to time.


(2)        Any clerical or arithmetical mistake shall as soon as noticed, be rectified.


(16)            Miscellaneous.-(1)      For any matter not specifically covered under these rule, the rules or regulations or instructions of the Federal Government applicable on the subject shall be followed.


(F.N0.        9-2/2006-Unani)


Hakeem Nazeer Ahmad Asad

Assistant Director (Unani)